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    Behold...your instructions

    - The lights cut, and everyone is like ‘WTF’

    - Your awesome 3D Radio campaign starts. Could be scary, could be dark, could be happy...heck, it could be you breathing heavy in 3D.

    - 8 seconds from the end, your amazing packshot transitions in from the blackness. Your hero moment and the conquerer of all ‘WTFs’

    - 4 seconds from the end, in comes your amazing logo. More awesome stu is happening, your audience is connecting the dots.

    - So, what happens after patrons have experienced your brand on the 3D Radio platform? They show interest in your brand, because they’ve just witnessed something dierent and out of the norm. So get CREATIVE, creatives.

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    Behold...your instructions

    - Give Three D Radio a call for a proposal. If you have a media agency, get them to call us or Cinemark and we’ll put together a proposal for you. We’re in a marriage with Cinemark.

    - Brief an agency to come up with an AMAZING idea. If you don’t have an agency or need something out of the box, just brief us directly. We did come up with this idea in the rst place and have a crazy creative team.

    - The agency produces the ad at any certied 5.1 studio. This is what the platform is all about...the sound. So choose your sound studio wisely.

    - The final 6 audio tracks, packshot and logo gets delivered to Three D Radio for template application, mastering, animation, encoding and delivery.

    - Your ad goes to air, everyone is excited...and eventually the campaign does so well, that you get a bonus and purchase a zoo.

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    Number Cruncher...behold your instructions

    - The cinema medium is still alive and kicking. And with our partner being Ster-Kinekor, we can guarantee a trendy and savvy audience, high returns because of that audience and a range of exibility - whatever your creatives think up we’ll make sure it happens... and within budget.

    - Because of it’s almost nonexistent production costs, the 3D Radio platform allows brands to spend more of their budget on media while still putting out and awesome creative piece. It also lets brands that predominantly advertise on radio to break into a new dimension...with their radio ads!

    - It’s a new platform that guarantees a truley memorable experience... ‘kinda like eating Kudu or a white-faced duck, but without the after taste.

    - No more sleepless nights wondering where’s all the money going to when your creatives grab a hold of it. Producing and ighting a 3D Radio ad is significantly cheaper than traditional ads. There’s no crazy expensive production, props or prima donna actors.

    - Return on your investment...that’s right, we said it! Long story short, your audience is going to be so impressed with your new 3D Radio ad, that they’ll be pouring out their hard earned South African Rands. Just don’t walk to the bank with a money bag over your shoulder...it’s dangerous out there!



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